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Nearly every single inquiry from a bride or groom I get asks my thoughts on a second shooter. I realize it can sometimes be hard to see the importance of one, but my last wedding made me realize how much I love having one and how much of a bonus it truly is! I thought I’d share some reasons as to why you need one for your big day.

1. The day doubles up. The bride getting ready usually happens at the same time as the groom and the reactions walking down the aisle or during the first look.

2. Different angles are huge! Wide lenses vs. long lenses give such a different look. Here’s the perfect example:

second photographer why you should hire carlee secor photography

3. Having an extra hand. second shooters usually are able to capture the candids I’m unable to. Having someone strictly focus on the guests during different points of the day make all the difference!

4. An extra set of eyes. I cant see it all, and I definitely don’t see it from the same point of view as my second shooter. They are able to get more creative because they’re under less pressure!

5. More images. For such a sliver of the cost of your wedding day, it makes a huge difference when it comes to the amount of images in your gallery. Worth it for that alone!

6. Minor details are never missed. Four hands, three cameras makes for all the shots you’ll ever need.

Hope this helps when deciding if you need a second shooter or not! Wedding days are so important and I find this is the first option people choose to cut. All the extra images make it worth that investment alone 🙂



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