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One of my favorite things to do, still to this day, is to go through old photo albums and prints of my family and me when I was growing up. Ask anyone, looking through your childhood photo albums is a trip down memory lane, and most likely you are smiling the entire time. I’m lucky enough to have a few scrapbooks based on ME alone because I may or may not have had a mother that was obsessed with scrapbooking.

Through photography and prints, I learned about myself, the day I got my first haircut, and a picture to show how upset I was. I learned about my family, and how they looked, I saw my beautiful grandmother who passed away when my father was nine, all because of the power of print. Had my family decided that printing images were invaluable to them, I would not know how my grandma looks simply because the technology wasn’t there. I learned about my first bedroom and the layout of my first home, that I can no longer recall. I was able to bring in childhood pictures to my elementary school class when I was “Student of The Week.” I remember searching to find images that would showcase me for the school bulletin board.

I’m sharing with you this image from another photographer, that truly says a thousand words. A print is so valuable to this ever changing world we live in.

prints carlee secor photography green bay wisconsin

Being surrounded by so much technology in our everyday lives, we often forget to document important memories. I stress the importance of prints only because I understand the value it will hold in 20 years.

  • Because prints will withstand ANY technology shift
  • Because your family will grow old
  • Because a single print holds memories and comfort
  • Because the place to save money is not in the most important purchases
  • Because SO much time and energy is put into your portraits to not show it off!
  • Because photography is best enjoyed in print
  • Because thumb drives in drawers will stay thumb drives in drawers
  • Because showing your children your family photo albums will be a memory in itself
  • Because prints will last for generations to come

Contact me about the prints and products I offer, and how we can turn your thumb drive into something beautiful.

Enjoy a few of my favorite images. I am so thankful I have such a valuable piece of my past.

  prints carlee secor photography green bay wisconsin wedding photography

My grandmother and I, outside of my first home in the summertime. And a Portrait of me at a photography studio that my sister and I would often go to get photographed in matching outfits 🙂 We have so many high-quality prints still in my parents’ homes from these sessions.prints carlee secor green bay wisconsin photographer prints carlee secor green bay wisconsin photographer prints carlee secor green bay wisconsin photographer prints carlee secor green bay wisconsin photographer prints carlee secor green bay wisconsin photographer



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