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Hi Carlee fans– I’m Kaela, a green juice slurping, Pure Barre junkie, Ontological Life Coach. 

Onto-what? Basically, I work with rock star entrepreneurs who are committed to living juicy, fully expressed lives. A life coach is someone who supports, holds space, and whistle blows for people who are interested in living their dream life on their terms. My work is rooted in co-creating success by design from a place of possibility.
Ontology is the study of being, this is the school of coaching that I am trained in. Not only are my clients and I partnering to achieve the tangible results they want, but also we’re constantly working behind the scenes to create that by being our highest and greatest selves. Read: no room for limiting beliefs about not being enough, too much, doing it wrong, etc.
I have some major street cred in this department. For 25 years I lived my life as a control freak perfectionist, which resulted in high stress, pressure, and then a stroke. I thought that I had to be the perfect person doing all of the things to finally “make it.” It was exhausting for me, and everyone around me.
When I started working with a coach my entire world began to transform. I learned that while I had been thinking I was a victim of circumstances of not enough time, money, or ever being good enough; I was actually the one creating my own experience. The good news is that I was also the one who could change it.
This is the power of coaching: stepping into the greatest version of you to live a wildly amazing life. It is an honor this is what I get to do for my job every day now. I’d love to connect with you, I’m inviting you to join my space for entrepreneurs craving purpose-filled profits: Possibilitarian Power Pack, a private Facebook group. See you there!
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