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A letter to 18-year-old me,

Deciding your future today is not necessary, searching for colleges from around the country trying to choose what one sounds the most fun is useless, and trying to explain yourself to your peers is a big waste of time.

Not being a 4.0 high school student with a full ride or a big scholarship to some fancy university is OKAY. You will and can succeed in so many other ways than going to an amazing college. Your high school grades are completely normal and won’t ever define you as a person.

You don’t want to be a forensic science major, the Informational Technology field isn’t for you either and you were wrong when you thought a business degree would be boring because “it’s what everyone majors in.” You will soon discover that enrolling and reenrolling in 15 programs will ultimately lead you to where you belong.

Your gut feeling is right, spending thousands on a university is not for you. You will love going to community college and your peers currently judging you for it will soon be jealous that your student loans are so minimal. You will not live up to the “broke college student” stereotype. You will meet professors that inspire you and the intimate class settings will only make you grow. The extra time you have for only going to college one day a week will only leave room for more money and relaxation.

You will have a career you enjoy, and find happiness in growing and creating a business beyond what you have ever imaged for yourself. You will make new friends and see new places all while working.

You will regret not traveling more after high school and taking time for yourself. You will also regret stressing about your image and how your peers saw you when you decided to take a semester off. A “gap semester” will be the smartest thing you could’ve ever done for yourself. Spending months to think about your extremely expensive education is okay to do and should be encouraged, not frowned upon.

Most people will not keep in touch, you will find that everything you worried about doesn’t matter anymore. Focus on yourself, and building strong friendships. Everything will soon fall into place 🙂

20-Year-Old Me


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