How My Client Management System Changed My Business

Back in the beginning of starting my business, one of the things I stressed about the most was how to keep it all together?! I was not a paper person, planners were not my thing, and meeting with clients just to have them pay a retainer or sign a contract seemed unrealistic. I searched and searched for a program that would send invoices and contracts all in one, was this even a thing? Little did I know, there were plenty of companies that offered this. I wasn’t looking to spend hundreds on a system, but it seemed this was the main price I was coming across. Until I found Dubsado. The perfect client management system all in one for $175 a year, perfect…completely in my budget. But what’s the catch?? That’s the best part, there isn’t one.

Let me start with Dubsado has the GREATEST customer service on this earth. I have never met such hard working people. Becca and Jake Berg (the owners) are continuously striving to make Dubsado better for their customers, and who doesn’t want to support a small business?!? It’s amazing working with a company so transparent. They help organize all the boring parts of my business, and I know who’s behind it all. I can easily get an answer from someone in minutes! No more requesting features and your voice not being heard, they actually hear me!dubsado client management system carlee secor photography

Starting off, I really only needed a program that offered electronic invoicing and contracts… So I thought. After discovering Dubsado I realized I needed so much more, and they showed me that (in a good way). Starting a business there are a lot of aspects you just don’t think about. I was reminded of all these boring (yet important) things. Creating a workflow for your business is so important, and helps me save time. I’ll admit, I am not perfect, but I am getting there & I have the perfect management system to help.

My favorite features of Dubsado are canned emails, questionnaires, lead capture, and client portal. I’m sure my favorites will quickly change once all the new features are released! I am so excited!! You can read all about the new features coming here.

dubsado client management system carlee secor photography

dubsado client management system carlee secor photography

Canned emails have cut my time writing emails in half, I no longer have to type the same email over and over again. With Dubsado I am able to create pre-written emails that work for whatever questions/inquiries I may get! It has been a game changer and you’d be surprised how helpful this truly is! It even auto-fills with your clients’ name, talk about amazing!

Questionnaires are also a favorite because they are so customizable and professional I get excited sending them out! You are able to turn a boring questionnaire into a beautiful form your client can’t resist completing! Questionnaires also take away all the back and forth emails between you and your client, I’m able to send my wedding inquires one questionnaire and all my questions are answered! Another amazing thing about Dubsado is it’s personalized to you, only YOUR branding shows on anything you send to your clients!

dubsado client management system carlee secor photography

Lead capture has been my ultimate favorite mainly because it makes my job 100x easier. When a client goes to visit my website, my contact page has a “Lead Capture Form” that answers all the information I need to get in contact. Once they fill this short form out, it automatically sends me an email saying a client has filled out the form, and they are now placed as a ‘lead’ in Dubsado. From there I can send them my questionnaire asking about their portrait/wedding session, or if they’re ready to book I can send an invoice right away! The options are endless!

dubsado client management system carlee secor photography

With everything listed above is when the client portal comes in! Ever wonder if your client has viewed their contract/invoice? With Dubsado, you are able to see down to the hour when your client has viewed their forms. This takes away the “Hey did you get the questionnaire I sent over?” email because the answer is already in front of you! It’s also a secret hiding place for all the forms your clients need for reference.

There’s so much more involved in this system, but my blog post would be crazy long! I’m so grateful I found a client management system I love, and will be with no matter how small or big my business is! Keep in mind, this system is not only for photographers, it works for everyone! Graphic designers, Calligraphers, Web developers, it is so universal I almost guarantee it will work for you! Dubsado is always hosting webinars that welcome everyone, you can join here and see what all the fun is about! If you’re still on the fence join the facebook group ‘Dubsado Community’ to know all the ins and outs!

I’m all about spreading the love, and I thank Collectively Caitlyn for sharing her coupon for me when I signed up! So if you are interested in signing up for Dubsado, don’t miss out on 20{d1d32c5bd2b4da87c6001f8227a74501696f76374d3d367a286971b9f077b6cc} off- my coupon code is

‘ carleesecor ‘

I am so excited to hear about how much you love Dubsado! You will not regret this decision! 🙂

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