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mentoring carlee secor photography

I’m thrilled to finally announce my mentoring workshops! Long awaited, a lot of hard work went into creating the perfect day of learning. Photographers who Profit is a one on one coaching session (optional interactive photoshoot add-on) to help guide you through pricing, marketing, social media, SALES/IPS, editing, business basics, and hear about my own success story & how I got started.

This 6 hour one on one time is catered to you and your needs as a growing, learning, bad ass photographer who actually PROFITS. Choose what topics are most important to you and we will focus on that! I’ll teach you all my ins and outs of how I went from ‘a starving artist’ to thriving successful full-time photographer in only a years time at 20 years old.

I saw a big future for myself but knew the wages I was making last year were not liveable. I changed my pricing structure and went from making 12k last season to being on track for my end of the year goal to make nearly SEVEN times that amount.

I’m passionate about sharing my love for photography and want nothing more than to watch others succeed. When starting out, I searched and searched for mentors in my area. I reached out to big-name photographers only to get ignored, which is WHY I’m doing this. I am a huge instant gratification person, and I want to learn it all right away. I know most people are the same way – they want to succeed quickly. While it does take time, it’s possible to cut it in half. I’m ready to cheer you on and be your biggest fan and make sure you’re no longer giving away your worth.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.”

So let’s do this!

$750 – 6 hour catered to you one on one mentoring, over lunch and coffee. Let’s talk all the details. Topics of your choice and 30 minutes follow up call 1 month later to ask me any questions you still have! Here are topics you may be interested in: pricing, marketing, social media, SALES/IPS, editing, business basics, etc.

$250 (add-on option) 2-hour interactive shootout with me and a “model” senior or couple (your choice). Watch how I pose and direct, my shooting style, my go-to lenses, my gear bag – all the “hands-on” fun! This is only an add-on option and must be scheduled together.

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mentoring carlee secor photography


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