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… and if you’re here, it’s likely because you’re interested in what I have to offer.

I am a senior portrait & wedding photographer based in Wisconsin (if you couldn’t already tell), and I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I’m all for the non-traditional, break the “photography” rules, capture the true emotion kind-of-photos. So if you’re into that, we’re probably the perfect fit. The service I offer goes beyond clicking a button, I want everyone to walk away from my camera feeling incredible. So let’s do this!


I love photographing the weddings that are a little bit out of the norm. Doing what you want, on your day – is what makes it all so special. I’m all for the real moments, real emotion – none of the too posed or fake smiles. I’ll capture the best version of you.


Can you believe it? It’s almost your final year of high school, time to celebrate it with some incredible photos of yourself. When hiring me, prepare for an incredible experience and even better photos. The service I provide goes beyond clicking a button, I’m ready to make you look & feel your best. 

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Thought its about time I share my own photoshoot from November! I hired Alyssa to take my headshots, not only because I LOVE her work - but because I think it's important for me to get behind the camera as a real client in order to better my own client's experiences...


2017 was easily one of the best years of my life, not only business wise, but I saw so many new places and met so many new people. I can't wait for this year to top 2017 - I will admit it's going to be tough. I worked with 30 incredible seniors, 14 brides and grooms...

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